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Iyengar Yoga - Online, In Studio, and Private Classes

"Yoga allows you to find an inner peace that is not ruffled and riled by the endless stresses and struggles of life." - BKS Iyengar

What is Iyengar Yoga?

Iyengar yoga was established by B.K.S. Iyengar. It remains a cornerstone in the landscape of yoga practice. Its core tenets revolve around precision, alignment, and the use of props, each element is designed to guide practitioners towards perfecting their body alignment in every posture. B.K.S. Iyengar, whose legacy continues even after his passing in 2014, left a mark on the global yoga community through his illuminating teachings, prolific writings, and the innovative development of the Iyengar yoga method.

This revered style of yoga is renowned for its inclusivity, welcoming practitioners of all ages and fitness. Its emphasis on alignment and the strategic integration of props not only renders it accessible to beginners but also presents seasoned yogis with ongoing challenges to deepen their practice. In each class, the structured curriculum is meticulously tailored to accommodate the diverse spectrum of experience and physical capabilities amongst practitioners.


About Khaled

Iyengar Yoga Teacher & Mentor

Khaled has been immersed in the world of yoga since 1998, embarking on his journey at Iyengar Yoga Maida Vale (IYMV) in London. He is certified by the Iyengar Yoga Association (UK) as a Level 2 Iyengar Yoga Teacher and Mentor. He received his Junior Intermediate Level 2 in 2019.


Khaled discovered Iyengar yoga after a lower back injury and through Iyengar yoga he was able to recover his mobility through alignment, precision and action in the poses. Using the props allowed him to hold the poses with better shape and less strain.

Khaled was inspired by the teaching of Iyengar yoga, the discipline of holding the poses to understand them very well and to be well connected with the pose. This then inspired him to take it further and train to become a teacher.

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Class Locations 


13:15pm - 13:45pm: TriYoga Ealing, Unit 30 Dickens Yard, Longfield Ave, London W5 2UQ

20:00pm - 21:00pm: North Harrow Methodist Church, Pinner Road, Harrow, HA2 6EQ


10:00am - 11:15am: Online Zoom Call


12:45pm - 14:15pm: TriYoga Ealing, Unit 30 Dickens Yard, Longfield Ave, London W5 2UQ​​


15:45pm - 17:15pm: Iyengar Yoga Institute Maida Vale 223a Randolph Ave, London W9 1NL

17:30pm - 19:00pm: Iyengar Yoga Institute Maida Vale 223a Randolph Ave, London W9 1NL

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The Iyengar Certification Mark is an international symbol of the highest standard of training and continued education in the Iyengar method of yoga.

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